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  1. 1.Prologue(fromASuitableBoy) 0:53
  2. 2.YouHaveBeenActivated(fromBlackMirror:ShutUp&Dance) 2:26
  3. 3.BalloonGirlAlexHeffes&ReginaSpektor 3:03
  4. 4.Opening(fromDearFrankie) 1:58
  5. 5.TheGreatFlocks(fromTheElephantQueen) 1:43

Golden Globe nominated composer Alex Heffes has over 60 film and television scores to his name. It was his scores to Kevin Macdonald’s Academy Award-winning films One Day in SeptemberThe Last King of Scotland and BAFTA-winning Touching the Void that first won him international acclaim. Alongside his long collaboration with Macdonald, he has worked with many of cinema’s top filmmakers such as Stephen Frears (The Program), Nira Mair (The Queen of Katwe), Catherine Hardwicke (Red Riding Hood), Peter Webber (Emperor) and Tim Burton (Sweeney Todd) earning him a reputation as a composer with a unique voice who can communicate with directors at a deep level.

In 2012 he won the Ivor Novello Award for best film score for The First Grader, in 2013 he received a Golden Globe award nomination for his score to Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and in 2015 was invited to become a member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. His solo album  features duets with artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto and Regina Spektor. Most recently audiences have heard his majestic score, co-written with Anoushka Shankar, to the BBC drama , the six-part adaptation of Vikram Seth’s great novel by director Mira Nair which was nominated for the Ivor Novello Award for Best Television Soundtrack in 2021.

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