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  1. 1.AlchemyfortheHeart(fromTryggð) 3:34
  2. 2.TogetherisaPlace(fromTryggð) 10:33
  3. 3.Sumarbarn(fromSummerChildren) 3:57
  4. 4.TheOnlyWayOutIsIn 5:53
  5. 5.Soothe 7:40

Kristin Bjork Kristjánsdóttir / Kira Kira is an Icelandic musician and a filmmaker. She comes from a playful background of explorative music, arts and creative filmmaking, moonlighting between writing and directing her own films, making music installations for lighthouses and scoring films and TV shows. Kira Kira composed music for Daniel Stessen’s hybrid animated sci-fi TV series Dream Corp LLC on Adult Swim and has scored a few feature films and shorts. She has five solo albums to her name as a recording artist, released on various labels like Morr Music, Afterhours and Time Released Sound and has toured worldwide in various incarnations. Collaborating with innovative musicians, animators, filmmakers and dancers is a passion of hers.

Kira is a co-founder of Kitchen Motors, a music collective and label focused on explorations in music, and spearheaded that for a decade alongside composers Johann Johannsson and Hilmar Jensson. Her feature music documentary Grandma Lo-fi won first prize at CPH Dox and was screened in over 300 international film festivals, including MoMA’s Documentary Fortnight, SXSW, IFFR and BAFICI.

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